BCY RUN CLUB will provide GROUP running training programs to the runners. Running is a very simple discipline and anyone can start. In the RUN CLUB there will community running with friends, buddies or even family members. The focus will be BCY Core Values

  •  Community 
  •  Mutual Respect  


  •  A run training program will be designed for the group – from a 5K, 10K , HM OR a FM 
  •  The training plan will be delivered through group mentors in the communication group
  •  A mentor/trainer will be available on the BCY Running location. He will be available to fine tune the plan based on your current running performance and goal
  • Every week there will be running plans and workouts shared via the communication group
  • The program will also provide inputs on: rest & recovery, stretching & basic nutrition and hydration
  • Ongoing interaction will be through the whats app 



  • You will have to be present on the running training days at the location to be added in the running community…..The idea is not just to be a NAME in the whats app group but an active runner
  • Details will be taken by your group mentor for your running goal and objectives
  • In time we will have smaller groups and mentors for longer runs based on the respective running goals
  • The training program will be a minimum of 12 weeks. Based on your progress we will move forward. You can either continue with the same running goal or move to the next one (for eg. one can start with training for their first 10 Kms run, and after 12 weeks can either continue to train for 10 Kms to get better or change their goal to train for 21.1 Kms)
  • Every 12 weeks you can also choose a running program to participate. The program will be focused on that specific event to ensure you peak for the event at the right time. There will be a few things to consider while you choose the event…we will discuss about those once we join the program
  • A Running Calendar will be shared with the RUN CLUB where we will participate as a COMMUNITY
  • On training days and event days you will be expected to wear the BootCamp YELLOW RUN CLUB t-shirt
  • The T-shirt can be bought from the online vendor directly



This is going to be a FREE RUN CLUB and nothing will be charged by BootCamp YELLOW runners. The only requirement will be 

  • to be regular in the training
  • Bring your positive attitude
  • Flash the BCY RUN CLUB T-shirt on the training and EVENT days. The T-shirt can be bought by the online vendor directly



  • Prepare for a SPECIFIC running event
  • Improve your HM or a FM
  • Have a TIME target for a 10K / HM or a FM
  • Running an Ultra Marathon