BCY Stories


Ankita Bisht

 I was struggling in my personal life which was not only impacting my mental health but physical health too in 2018 my brother insisted me to join some activity and I was sure not to join any conventional activity but I thought gym was the only option and in 15 days I realized that it can not help me in a long term so I quit and then i start searching for new options so I found bcy through internet and I joined initially 5k couch running programme in August 2018 but still something was missing so one of my friend sujata from bcy introduced me bcy strength training. From trail class, I was clear that this was it which could help me and bcy is the best platform for outdoor functional training. You don't get bore as everyday is a new day with something new. It's like fitness, fun, fantastic. It's a full package you would not going to miss anything. I would recommend each and everyone bcy because it has helped me to reach where I can say that I am at a happy place.
Fitness is not about being better than someone. Fitness is about being better than the person you were yesterday.
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Pankaj Kshirsagar

 I am excited to share my fitness journey with BCY, almost after two decades of a sedentary lifestyle, one of my friends has introduced me to BCY community and after two trials class I made up my mind to get into the strength & conditioning (S&C), as a regular part of my routine and I started enjoying these S&C classes & soon it became a daily ritual of my regular life.
Design of the module is so unique that one can easily adapt this & progress from beginners to proficient & develop body strength & stamina to a great degree in each passing day.
Besides this, it helped me to achieve my running goals.
As a novice runner to full marathoner in just two years of duration was amazing & all credit goes to my running coaches & structured design running courses, which benefit the individual to achieve their dreams without any injuries.
Support & positive energy of BCY family help each other to achieve more every day.
BCY community has helped me to achieve my dream of becoming an ”Ironman” with unleashing strength & positive energy inside me.
My gratitude to the BCY family.
Thanks Jatin, Deepika, Sree, Vidur, Rohit, MS & Prabha for this incredible journey.
” Long live BCY ” 


Namrata Antal Tiwathia

My journey with BCY began in August of 2017. Had been reasonably active and disciplined (fauji brat) all through my growing up years but somewhere down the lane got busy and immersed in the corporate world(though it's not an excuse to not be healthy and FIT). When I joined Bcy I was mentally weak and it showed physically. And this one lovely August morning I chanced upon some girls(in sunshine yellow jerseys) jumping around in the PARK PLACE grounds….and the adventure began… What an adventure it has been, from the extremly inspiring and unforgiving coaches(50 burpees MEANS 50 BURPEEEEES), 😁😁 to the push challenges challenges and the squats that I thought was a piece of cake 🤣🤣.but dare I say am stronger ,fitter, happier(made some lifelong friends). The energy at the BCY community is infectious for people of all ages and fitness levels.At the end of every session I feel lighter,emotionally and physically stronger and more grounded (pun intended). Infact my running journey began with BCY(special mention Nitin) ..from huffing and puffing , whining even for a 50 meters warm up run(even though I was a 100 meters sprinter in school) I managed to train and run two marathons , intending to run many more😊.The training for which saw us with motivation to run upto Chaipoint 🙂 For bun maska. Have completed 2 years with BCY ...intend completing 20 and hoping to get old(read older) with this passionate and innovative group. Would like to thank Deepika, Nitin, Jatin and the entire BCY team for showing faith in me and my peers in this journey...WE GOT THIS!!


Deepa Rajesh

My life which was more of routine, health issues, overweight and no healthy food, changed when I was introduced by a friend to BCY. That was indeed my life changing milestone. A Milestone where living a healthy fit life was a priority not only to me but had similar effect on my family ,made me agile and confident, gave the much needed passion to do what I never believed in, be it fitness challenge, professional front or personal challenges . I can confidently say I am proud fit mother, wife, marathoner, confident teacher and its all because of BCY. My day has to start with BCY, I have lost 9 kgs and raring to take up the challenging well planned workouts .
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Chhavi Daga

I joined BCY in December 2017 and I can vouch that every day came with a new challenge. The tag line “in us we trust” is a game changer for me & it motivated me to believe in oneself! Of course, when I joined, like most of us losing weight was the prime objective. But later, I discovered STRENGTH BUILDING was the key to fitness and attending sessions regularly has incredible benefits that can improve nearly every aspect of your health from within.

Today, exercise makes me extremely happy! And my mantra is - "New day is a new opportunity to improve yourself- TAKE IT and make the most it."
Best, Chhavi Daga



Never been a runner or played any sports with zeal even in my childhood. My schoolmates still wonder if I am the same seeing my pics flaunting medals of 10 k run (3 to be precise)!

For this I need to thank Bootcamp YELLOW community and the mastermind Jatin who designed this idea. I was so fascinated with the idea of people doing strength and conditioning exercises in the open that I gave it a try! With two trial classes I was sure to join the group. Initially the WODs looked all so tough and invincible. I would rest and be breathless but one year of continuous effort in all types of weather I can say my stamina has increased and I feel confident. Here comes special thanks to my coach here in park place- Nitin who continued to motivate me and all others here to go that extra mile.

He (God knows how) instilled the confidence to give running a shot. Not only this, he always had logic to discard the reasons (read excuses) we had for giving run a miss. Starting with 2 min run and 1 min walk and staying on the track for 30 min somehow to doing 10 k - seems a feat to me. For someone who could barely run 200 m doing a 10 k in TMM and ADHM was a dream that was never thought of. The exercises at BCY- the squats, lunges , burpees (still hate them) and stretches all just helped in doing so. Thanks to my friends who kept telling me - you got this .

There are miles to go before I sleep and I feel BCY will help me in achieving those miles.


Shalini Gupta

I have always worked out, 20 years 3 times a week. I have done yoga, zumba, aerobics, kickboxing, distance running, I have done classes, worked with a personal trainer, trained on my own in the gym. I distinctly remember a time when I would sign up for a trial class each time a new gym opened - Gold's gym, Fitness First, Reebok Crossfit. It is a long embarrassing list. I would quit after 6 months, the list of excuses was long - I am plateauing, work is busy - I have no time, class is so boring.

BootCamp Yellow is something else. I've been here two years and counting, with no plans to discontinue or go anywhere else. Each class is different, I am pushing my fitness limits every time, the coaches know their stuff, and the classes are so so much fun. It is like working out with friends. I never have an excuse to not attend a class.

Thank you to the BootCamp team, thank you for making me stronger, fitter, more agile.


Archana Jain

 Rewind three years...zero activity, recovering from patellar tendinitis, I was sceptical to start of any kind of exercise/workout regime. But I needed a start...a push. Then, like a flash of luck, BCY announced trial classes in Vatika City. I was paranoid of an injury (didn't want it again!) but I made up my mind to give it a try. Jatin and Vidur (my first trainers) were really accomodating and they made it an easy transition for me. They were as cautious as I was, but, at the same time, they pushed me when required. I started gaining confidence and started enjoying my classes. Rain, fog, sunshine....the workout never stopped. 8 months later, I went for my summer sojurn to mountains. While exploring one of many unusual paths, I picked up a route, for a hike. Little did I know about how steep the hike was, I went to explore it, with my friend and kids. An hour of steep climb and voila, I didn't stop, didn't feel breathless at all!!! My knee didn't feel the pinch too. I was amazed myself and I felt STRONG!!! That hike brought back my confidence. I knew this was no magic but it all had to do with BCY strength and conditioning classes. The same year, yet another push came from Nitin (BCY trainer) to register for a walkathon.I did it and that too with a podium finish. This all multiplied my confidence and faith in the trainers and BCY program.

Fast forward to 2020 - Finished a 40 km walkathon (injury free) with an altitude gain of 1000m, 2 months ago. Today, I can proudly say that last 2.5 years with BCY have been life transforming years for me. From zero confidence to confidence to do walkathons, from weak knee to a stronger me, I owe it all to BCY. And not to mention the after workout chit chat and coffee with workout buddies makes life and training a lot more fun!!!



I was 106 kgs a few years back. I knew it was time to make some changes in my lifestyle and it was during this time I stumbled on BCY trainings during my morning walk. I was soon a regular at the Strength training and the runs. Over the last 3 years, the continuous guidance from the amazing coaches and a lot of motivation from the fellow BCY buddies, which lead me to slowly lead upto this transformation. In the last 3 years I have lost 23 kgs and gained an amazing groups of friends and mentors.  


Namratha Jairath

As a mom, baker and a wife, I was juggling multiple roles and was on my toes for a large portion of the day. For someone in their 40's, I considered myself relatively fit - from yoga to kickboxing, I had dabbled in many activities. Unfortunately, I often fell off the bandwagon and came up with varied reasons ranging from busyness of life to boredom.

In 2018, I joined the BCY S&C program. It was life changing to say the least. The program was structured, consistently helped build strength and gave me access to a huge knowledge repertoire of coaches who knew their business. 6 months into the program, I started running and 2 months later, ran my first half marathon under the guidance of our head coach, Jatin . What an insanely exhilarating experience that was! And addictive!!

Its going to be 2 years since I joined BCY and I have conquered half a dozen half marathons - reducing my time by 35 minutes, done the challenging Chadar Trek with the BCY adventure group, done the Devils circuit and I can't stop looking forward to what comes next!!

Doing all of this with like minded folks who are more like family makes it even more special.

The baking still continues, the role of the mother and wife still continue.. added to that are now the runs and the S&C workouts.. all of this with more zest than I've ever had.


Avinash Nagar

  I have been a foodie my entire life. My job involves lot of travelling and hence the foodie in me experiments with food wherever I go. But over a period of time , I kept piling up stubborn weight/fat in my body. I went from a waist size of 30 to 36 , Body weight reached 94 kgs. I started small activities to get slimmer but it didn't help me. Then my friend Sindhu introduced me to Jatin's Boot Camp Yellow 2.5 yrs back and since then there is no looking back. Boot Camp Yellow's structured training slowly helped me get back in to shape. My strength is on a rise and my stamina has increased substantially. From not even running few steps , I now have decent half marathons under my belt. Fitness is not a one day, few weeks or few month's job which my coach Jatin reinforced day in day out. My BCY family pushes each other to help reach their goals. Though I have a long way to go, i know, the sweat, the dedication, the time will eventually pay off. I thank Jatin and the beautiful ecosystem of Boot Camp Yellow for inculcating the fitness psyche inside me. I feel more energized and rejuvenated post my fitness sessions. A big thanks to my coaches #Jatin, #Mahashweta# Prabhakaran# Sree # Rohit for helping me reach where I am today..Thank you to the entire Bootcamp Yellow fraternity. #inuswetrust#bootcampyellow# yellowmornings#   


Aditi Ganguly

  This one is for new moms contemplating restarting / starting work on fixing their bodies.. I started off 8 months ago in a real bad spot with a lot to work on.. 5 months post delivery at 80 kgs , with a huge diastasis gap and a super weak back which could not carry my weight. Add to that total loss of balance and misaligned movement. The sad and bad hormones kicking in postpartum weren’t helping either. Enter- Boot Camp Yellow! Right from Day 1 at BCY I felt that the coaches ( in my case Jatin Arora) have this genuine quality to them which makes you feel comfortable despite the insecurities you may have about your body or fitness level. Never for once did I go home feeling out of place, shamed or awkward and not wanting to come back to give it another go. The way they focus on posture and technique is custom made to ensure you go home with only the best kind of workout pains😊 Just sticking to the thorough yet doable routine planned out by the coach worked wonders. Now 12 kilos down and a few more to go, I feel stronger and less averse to daily workouts! Thank you Jatin Arora and the BCY team for bringing to Gurgaon this wonderful lease of life!